Time to Think Pairs & Groups

This practice, developed by Nancy Kline, allows an equal exchange of time between two people who agree to offer each other the experience to think independently and without interruption in each other’s presence. The practice is sealed with reciprocal appreciation and can be practiced weekly, or as often as desired. The equality in this practice is refreshing as it allows us to be both givers and receivers of our intrinsic ability to pay attention.

Time to Think groups and pairs are facilitated by Lea Holtz.


As we think, we feel and then act. If we are unaware of our thinking, we are reality blind to the life we are choosing to live. Time to Think sessions give me an opportunity to reflect on what thoughts are going on and how I can make positive changes to my thoughts. Or be grateful for the positive thoughts that are present. I recommend you take the brave step into your thoughts. You will be truly amazed.

Rubina GhoorCollaborator

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