Sheryl Walton

My healing journey started when the existence of Spirit realms was revealed to me as I witnessed my grandmother’s spirit sitting in the chair next to the minister during her own funeral service. I was not frightened by this experience at all; instead, I felt a deep calm come over me. A week later a  flyer about the healing modality of Reiki landed in my post box and that was where my learning journey really began.

I have subsequently trained as a Reiki master, Antaneea masseuse and offer workshops, meditation classes and coaching sessions where I am guided by the communication of your angel.

My recent training as an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner is the modality that most expresses my love for healing presently. Access Bars is a gentle hands on modality. The Access Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life.

The practice of Access Bars allows me to create a safe and nurturing space for those of you who are ready to release past blocks, stuck energy and beliefs that no longer serve you.