Sally Baker

Sally Baker at the Collaborative Healing Centre

My aim is to help people transform normal and difficult experiences into opportunities for growth, self-development, and thriving.

I am a social worker by profession and a mother specializing in supporting women, couples and families through pregnancy, birth and becoming parents. I have 17 years of experience supporting people as they move into this transitional phase, providing counselling, mentoring or therapy to help with depression, trauma, anxiety or grief.

I enjoy offering childbirth and parenting classes that assist parents in preparing holistically to embrace birth. Additionally, I facilitate a mother’s group that focuses on nurturing the conscious Mom you want to become.

I offer solution-focused, narrative and neural therapies that help alleviate, manage and debrief traumatic and overwhelming experiences. I am honored to be able to train other professionals in this field.

Sally is compassionate in all she does, thriving for the best outcomes and making you feel comfortable. She made a huge difference in my life and the way I operate. Thank you, Sally, for all you do and are.

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