Collaborators give voice to their perspectives on trauma & healing

In the beginning, we feel whole, but unconsciously so. At some point in our life, a single event or a series of events, results in our experiencing a loss of personal power and becoming a victim to something or someone.

This leads to feeling a separation of Self, which is often relived and recreated until we are ready to bring conscious compassion and acceptance to the very same event in our memories as a way to re-member the wholeness of our Self.

We can now experience ourselves consciously as whole human beings who are subjected to things, sometimes beyond our control – but we realize that our power lies in HOW we respond to life going forward.

Any experience that is overwhelming, unbearable, shaming or paralysing can be perceived as a trauma.

Trauma disrupts a person’s ability to live fully in the present. They may exhibit maladaptive coping mechanisms like rage, addiction, anxiousness, depression and withdrawal, all of which affect their relationships.

Attuned sensitive body work can help integrate a previously overwhelming experience and heal trauma.

Sally Baker

Postpartum depression counsellor

God says that He breathed His spirit into us and that’s what gives us life.

Trauma is an experience of losing connection to our Creator.

In trauma, we hold our breath.

Let us all just breathe to rekindle that connection with our Creator.

Any event that is overwhelming and leaves one feeling helpless, changes one's physiology and nervous system. This disruptive change starts in early childhood and results in feelings of disconnection, fragmentation, numbness or restlessness.

This leads the traumatized individual into an endless search for connection and a longing for the pain to end.

The effect is an emphasis of attention on the ‘world out there’ and a lack of awareness of one’s inner world. There is a continued sense that something is missing and wrong with me.

Self-awareness, feeling, presence and compassionate connection to what has been rejected in us, provide the doorway to wholeness and joy.

As trauma is not just individual but trans-generational and collective, when you heal the one, you heal the whole.

In my spiritual tradition, we balance and integrate the energies of the four elements.

We access other dimensions which form part of humanity's existence for healing and vision to consciously live and evolve in both small and vast cycles and seasons that Mother Nature and the Great Spirit present. ​

Nature exists inside as well as outside ourselves.

Continuous clearing, cleansing and transmutation of blockages enables a state of conscious creativity with no space for trauma to arise. We work and live to access a state of Universal flow.

Healing hands and natural surroundings balance energies at the Collaborative Healing Centre

At the CHC, we recognize that anything in life can be a form of trauma if it induces a fight, flight or freeze reaction in someone. Since we trust healing as an innate capacity, we do not affix any positive or negative charge to what induces trauma, but work rather at the level of rebalancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each person.

Lea Holtz

CHC Founder