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Nicole is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and has practiced as an intuitive for over 10 years. Her progression has led to working closely with both the physical as well as energetic components of the human body, integrating PaRama BodyTalk, Pranic Healing, Breathwork, Sound and KaHuna techniques.

Nicole facilitates soulful sessions, gentle and shamanic in nature, in which the interplay of music and touch weave its way through the conscious and unconscious layers of the body and mind. These sessions are for individuals seeking balance, clarity, invigoration, stress release, and path-finding, and who are willing to trust the body’s natural ability to heal and energise.

How can Intuitive Sessions help you?

Relaxation of Mind, Connection with Body

These sessions reduce anxiety through bridging the gap between your thoughts, which can be overwhelming, and your heart’s desires – allowing creativity to flow for a more inspired way of living.


The sessions improve your ability to focus on what you desires by allowing you to create your experiences from an empowered place of well-being.


By connecting the energy systems and the neural pathways in the brain as well as the fascia, the body’s energy levels will regulate bringing into balance its natural rhythm. This will leave you feeling balanced and at peace.


Nicole’s healing sessions transport me into another world that is not unknown to me, but it is mystical. It restores understanding in a non-cognitive way, and feels like her healing abilities retrieve parts of myself I didn’t know were missing.

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