Lexi Meier

Yin Yoga TRE

I began my journey to this embodied modality when I started exploring movement in my studies at Rhodes University. I graduated with an MA in Choreography in 2015  and on reflection I was able to observe how my own traumas had surfaced when I had moved my body freely.

I became fascinated by what the body holds and remembers in sensations on a deep, non-verbal level. Searching for tools to navigate this overwhelming terrain, I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2017 and a TRE® provider in 2018. Two years later I attended David Bercelli’s Advanced Training (Bercelli is the researcher-creator of TRE®). I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner.

The TRE® process has shifted my perspective on trauma and the way I relate to my embodied experience of the world and other people. My mission is to hold this healing space for others; to create a space free of judgement for people to connect deeply to their bodies and their human experience.

My passion is to offer a gentle, compassionate presence for each nervous system to release in its unique way.

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