Lea Holtz

Time to Think Coach & Facilitator
Equine Reflective Coaching

Self-reflection is a powerful tool for developing inner leadership. 

I am a personal development coach with a passion for using ‘who you are’ and what is showing up in your life as an opportunity for inner growth and development. I am a mother of three children and have used the opportunity of raising children as a path of further self-development. I engage with people and life with passion and a continuous desire to learn and grow for myself and others. 

My greatest joy comes from facilitating this growing awareness using a diversity of self-reflective tools: Nancy Kline’s Time to Think, the work of Byron Katie and Louise Hay, Family Constellation methods, Equine Facilitated Healing and the Tarot cards inspired by Osho. 

I am a Time to Think Facilitator, Coach and Thinking Partnership teacher. I practice this modality regularly as a way of continuously testing its value to myself and others. I am also a trained Psychophonetics practitioner, which has taught me that most “meaningfysation” starts in early childhood when we don’t yet have the consciousness to gather sufficient information to make better decisions. 

For several years, I have worked in the socio-economic development sector of South Africa, and have been exposed to both corporate environments and township communities. This experience has taught me that we cannot know what motivates communities and organisations that function fundamentally differently to our own. What we can know is how differences affect us, and what happens inside us when we believe that we have solutions for others. 

My Time to Think practice has led me to realize over and over again that the answers to all our questions lie within us and that we can receive learning and support for our continuous self-development. 

Let us never be tempted to try and answer someone else’s burning inner questions and deprive them of the opportunity of awakening to that delicious moment where they find the answer deep within themselves.