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Do Well and Be well.

I have been a Doula for thirteen years, assisting at over five hundred births. I do not offer medical advice, but I am present before, during, and after the birth of a baby. 

I assist mothers to have the birthing experience they want, by offering the environmental and support structures they deserve and attending with Love, guidance, and calmness during the birth. My aim is to assist women so that it makes a difference in their lives and those of their family, and to empower them in many different aspects.

My own experiences of pregnancy and childbirth were far from ideal. I fell pregnant when I was 17. My single Mom was devastated as she was not able to support me. I stayed with my eldest sister where my boyfriend, 8 years older than me, would visit. 

My son was born at a very stressful time. In the hospital, I was mostly left alone, all day and all night. He was birthed naturally, without much medical intervention. Once home, I battled with breastfeeding. I had very little sleep and really no support. During the pregnancy, my relationship with my partner had been okay, but when we married, everything changed. He became controlling, verbally and physically abusive. It got so bad that my family intervened.

When my son was one week old, I left my husband and moved in with my Mom. She helped as much as she could, in between working and travelling. When my baby was only 4 weeks old, I had to return to work. This was very challenging. I was in a constant state of shock, but managed to pull through. 

I met my second husband when my son was 2 years old. During my second pregnancy, I experienced several medical issues and again found myself receiving very little support as my husband would sometimes be working two jobs to get us through the month. My daughter was born in the middle of the night and my husband could not be present.

At home, now with a baby and a toddler, I was overwhelmed. I felt alone and always exhausted. I just did not feel myself. I returned to work when my daughter was only 3 months old.

After these experiences, I decided to help others where I could, and since then, I have always been in a place or work to offer this help. I have so much gratitude for all that I am and all that I do.

My early experiences of needing to be tough, have made me tougher – have allowed me to love more. Now I can give more to others, and understand them more. Most of all, I can be there for them. 

I am a mother. A grandmother. A friend. And I will continue to be of service to others in need. My children taught me so much. And now my grandchildren have come to put a cherry on the top.

At The Collaborative Healing Centre, my purpose is to immerse myself in the Sacred Space Retreats (for pregnant and non-pregnant women) and the mini-workshops.

I can assist with:

  •         Pregnancy and therapeutic massages;
  •         Rebozo techniques to help with maternal positions;
  •         Postpartum assistance;
  •         Doula after-care services/Doula au pair;
  •         Breastfeeding assistance;
  •         Hiring of TENS machine;
  •         Energy exercises for body balance;
  •         Bereavement Doula.

I experienced a mind-blowing, body renewing and soulfully powerful massage with Laurette. I would highly recommend her therapy to those who need to be renewed and energized.

Rubina GhoorCHC Collaborator