Kiki Sanne

Emergency Pedagogy
Inner Journey Work

It is my wish to awaken us all to joy, peace and the beauty of life’s mysteries while becoming a benevolent, creative part of the sacred whole.

Having grown up deeply connected to the German forests and my Shetland pony, nature remains my no.1 healer. Connected to this is my for love Native American wisdom. When I moved to South Africa after completing my degree as a teacher in agriculture and English, I fell in love with the wild, vast spaces, the animals and the silence of nature. I realized that if we humans want to continue living with God’s beloved creation, Earth, Nature and its inhabitants then we need to support each other to live in states of connection, expansion, love and peace.

Horses have taught me about embodied communication, feeling and timing. The bush and Native American wisdom have taught me about observation, awareness and silence. My travels have taught me to explore, engage and interact. My teachers for inner journey work have taught me to listen to our imagination, inspiration and intuition. And exposure to deaths within my family and Emergency Pedagogy have brought awareness of trauma, and anchored the anthroposophical perspective of humankind.

As a mother, teacher and mentor in outreach communities, I repeatedly ask myself: how and what do we need to teach so that we keep the ‘bigger picture’ in mind? I have discovered that balance, rhythm and reverence play a vital role. We are made to keep moving between doing and being, thinking and feeling, movement and stillness, experience and reflection.

By the simple act of coming together in a prepared and held space, we can gently awaken to the beauty of life’s mysteries and of our part in the whole. Methods of inner and outer exploration that I apply in my work include the Totem Pole Process, The Journey, Access Consciousness questions, horse-assisted intuitive work, Emergency Pedagogy, elements of Robbins-Mandane’s Training and Parent Effectiveness Training.

To live life fully, we become conscious of who we are; we start to choose beauty as our state of being and to connect to Source and Oneness. 

Can I hold the space for you and your family so you can find your way through emotions and back to your connection, to joy, to beauty and sacredness, to peace and to LOVE for Life? We will follow the soul’s guidance through inner journey work to release suppressed emotions and reclaim lost parts of yourself.

Being fully alive we journey towards self-knowledge, consciousness and choice, and states of beauty and connection to the creative force of Love.