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Discovering Intutive Creating in 2012 opened the door for a new way of being for me. It was the start of my journey of being a recovering Perfectionist. Working with and strengthening my intuitive knowing has created a way of being that is so much more comfortable to live in. Learning to love and accept myself just as I am has been highly beneficial. Letting go of judgements and moving into more acceptance is allowing for gentleness, kindness, curiosity and compassion to be more of a way of life for me now.

The Intuitive Creative method is an ideal way to become aware of the inner dialogue and question it.

I love to share this way of looking at the world with others. Using the Intuitive Creative method is an ideal way to become aware of the inner dialogue and question it, learning to befriend and work with the inner critic rather than letting it rule the roost and take over.

I have always been drawn in particular to animals and working with Mother Earth. Learning Feng Shui as well as Energy Modalities such as Life Alignment, Space Harmonising, Access BARS, Theta Healing, Shamanistic principles and Reiki has created more ways for me of working with Places, People and their Pets. Finding ways to harmonise and create flow in their environments and lives.

As a highly sensitive introvert I tend to keep myself to myself. However more can be achieved and greater support can be given and received in an environment like The Collaborative Healing Centre. I feel very drawn to be part of a place that helps me in my mission of being part of a conscious humanity working together for the highest good of each other and the whole.

Healing my creative wounding has opened my creativity to a new level and it continues to expand. I want to help others find that for themselves.


Katrina has a way of respecting and honouring our inner intuitive creative Self. Very few of us had that part of us honoured and respected – her way of restoring the power and goodness of this relationship is unique and deeply respectful.

CHC Collaborator

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