Karyn Cardoso

Every person can be empowered to explore, discover and unleash their individual potential and to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

I have danced from the moment I was born. For most of my life, I received formal dance training. But I always felt something was missing until I discovered Nia – and I have never turned back. My entire being was invited to join the dance and become engaged in every movement … and I felt whole. Nia is a holistic movement practice that leads to a sensory-based lifestyle of health, wellness and fitness. It combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness, and addresses each aspect of your life: Body, Mind and Soul.

Nia honors the intelligent design of the body and enables us to find more comfort and pleasure in our bodies. Through Nia, I have healed my relationship to my body and re-aligned many injured joints along the way!

I love to share Nia with others and witness the lights literally turn on in their own bodies as they become more joyful and loving inside themselves, which then ripples out into their lives.

Each class is 60 minutes long, accompanied by beautiful soul-stirring music which brings mindfulness and creativity to your dance experience. A class leaves you feeling energized, mentally clear, emotionally balanced and, best of all, it is lots of fun! This amazing modality has changed my life and continues to do so. 

I am also a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher supporting the healthy growth of young children and inviting them into a world of creativity and imagination. I have a passion for Healing Foot massage as well as women’s personal development, both of which I do when the opportunity arises. Being part of the Collaborative Healing Centre, as a joint initiative to heal our own bodies, restore the earth and enhance a better world, is very exciting for me.

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