Holistic Movement Classes in the Studio

On this page is a schedule of the Holistic Movement Classes being offered in the Studio at the CHC, as well as details about our Holistic Movement Package, 5-class pass and other special rates and discounts.


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Frequently asked questions

The Holistic Movement Package is designed to give you a choice of attending different movement classes and encourage you to include some variation in your weekly and monthly movement practises. It also offers a gentle way of committing to your body’s health and well-being, without pushing it through harsh exercise programs.

Tough exercise does not always lead to the strengthening we may be looking for; it can potentially increase the stress on our system, especially if our body is already out of alignment because of previous injury, trauma or damage.

As our body adapts around the injuries we encounter in our lives, it tends to lose mobility. Physical instability, resulting from this diminished mobility, leads the body to narrow down our range of motion even more to protect it from further injury.

When we are injured, our nervous system is designed to prevent us from using the whole of our bodies. Unless we give it the opportunity to reset, our nervous system continues foregrounding this function for years after the initial injury. Many of us believe that diminished mobility is the direct result of aging, but that is not always the case.

By subjecting it to a variety of movement patterns, the nervous system is challenged to create new neural pathways to accomplish these unfamiliar movements. 

CHC practitioners are experts in attending to your body’s habitual movement patterns, and supporting it to adjust so that you can again enjoy your body’s natural desire to move.

The Holistic Movement 5-class pass gives you access to any 5 classes across the spectrum of available modalities.

By gently changing your daily movement patterns, your nervous system can shift its habitual reactions and regain integrity.

Scroll through the list on the Classes tab below to view the holistic movement modalities currently on offer and their days/dates. This list may change occasionally so keep double-checking for updated details.

You will also find relevant information about each practitioner offering a class or modality.

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Once you have registered on our booking system (see details under How do I register?) you will be able to book and pay for individual classes, as well as packages.

Click on the Packages tab to view the special rates being offered by each practitioner for their modality.

If you are interested in experiencing a diversity of modalities, then opt for the Holistic Movement 5-class pass which will give you access to any 5 classes across the spectrum of available classes.

If you experience any problems with registration/sign in, or have any other enquiries about movement modalities or packages: WhatsApp Kylie +27 72 825 2589