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17 Cactus Road, Kyalami, Midrand, 1684, Gauteng

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Yin Yoga TRE Fusion Classes

Yin Yoga TRE is about turning in, slowing down and finding connections. – Lexi Meier

Join Lexi for an hour of deep, slow-paced movement exploration every Friday morning in a fusion of Yin Yoga and TRE. The classes provide ample opportunity for you to observe the moment-by-moment unfolding of your physical, emotional and energetic being as it transitions through the asanas.

In accordance with the principles of Chinese medicine, Yin Yoga is a cooling and calming practice which shifts attention to reaching deeper layers of bone and connective tissue. By settling into an asana for several minutes, sensations, emotions and energy flows can be felt and released.

Through Trauma Release Exercise, the nervous system is given a chance to shift out of its usual patterns of defense and release deep-seated stress and toxicity.

Yin Yoga TRE fusion classes are offered in a shared space supported by props, blocks, blankets, and the gentle touch of an observant facilitator.

R150 per session OR R500 per month paid in advance.

Bookings essential | WhatsApp Lexi on 079 390 7249