Binta Glowacki

I am a mother to three grown children. From an early age, I loved baking and learned to bake from my Mother’s traditional German recipe books. When I became a stay-at-home Mom, I was always baking or sewing/knitting/crocheting and, in later years, getting my hands dirty with pottery, which I found to be both calming and challenging, but essentially meditative.  

Getting into sourdough baking was a natural progression as I learned about its benefits for gut-health, as well as the slow hands-on method for making this bread from three simple ingredients. 

I love the simplicity of using only flour, water and salt and lots of time, and the almost meditative process of making a nourishing loaf of good old-fashioned bread. 

I equally appreciate the ‘unknowns’ – the challenge of doing things over and over again, always hoping for a good result, but having to embrace the effect of the environment and weather on the starter, dough and final loaf.

All my breads are mixed by hand with care and consciousness. I only use flours that are natural and as close to organic as I am able to get, as these are values close to my heart and complement my respect for a handmade loaf of bread.

I consider it a great honour to be part of the exciting development and growth of The Collaborative Healing Centre, and to supply bread via Promiseland.

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