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Healing pain is a holistic journey, drawing together body, mind and soul.

My body, as well as life, has led me to where I am today. I was born with too much fluid in the lungs and the use of drain tubes in my chest has left scars. Growing up, my life revolved around a love for horse riding, but with that passion came additional damage to my body, as I experienced many falls and injuries. After a concussion as a teenager, my body did not cope well. I had severe migraines and consistent back pain, which was so bad that at times, I had to crawl my way up from bending forward and picking something up off the floor. This is when I started doing Pilates. 

Pilates definitely eased the spasms in my back, but I was still in pain. Like most people that live with chronic pain, I adapted my lifestyle to avoid the triggers. A client introduced me to a book on an exercise technique called The Egoscue Method. This provided a significant turning point for me as it offered tools to manage my pain. This was the first time I knew what living pain-free could be like, provided that I frequently did the exercise menu. After a while, I discovered that the Egoscue Method was also limited, and could only assist with working on my muscles and joints. It was then that I moved into NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT). With this technique I have been able to address deeper dysfunctions, such as my eye muscles, which is a common result of a concussion, and I have started healing work on my scars. 

When you find the right technique for you, the changes don’t take long.

The work I do has healed and improved my body, and it is never ending. I have gone from being a sickly teenager, inflexible and in chronic pain, to being able to say that I am pain-free in my everyday life, and healthy with a mobile body.

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