Founder of the CHC, Lea Holtz

Our guiding vision is one of co-creation in which land, plants, animals and people are interdependent and mutually supportive.

As collaborators we are specialists in a diversity of healing modalities and therapies. Across this diversity are a few key principles foundational to our work ethos as collaborators.

The role of self-reflection

The world is a reflection of you, and the closer it gets, the more personal that reflection becomes and the more opportunity it carries for you to better understand yourself. 
Most of our behaviour is shaped by the assumptions we hold of ourselves and the world. Self-reflection allows us to recognize what these adopted assumptions are, thereby providing the freedom of choice with regard to what we want to continue living as truth through our adult lives. Until we have encountered this choice, we live our lives compelled to acting out what we absorbed while growing up.

Feelings as messengers

Feelings are the colour palette of our lives.

In denying and suppressing our feelings, we cut ourselves off from the messenger that connects us to present time. Feelings tell a story about how we make sense of our lives – and so much more. They are the colour palette of our lives, our “friends,” and once we accept them as an intrinsic part of us and learn to decipher their language, we discover that they are our most direct communication channel to the universal source of our spiritual beings. 

Vulnerability as connection

Vulnerability is our neutral gear. If we want to grow and change in our lives, we will always need to go through neutral before engaging a new direction. Our vulnerability is also what we have in common with every human being on this planet, regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they look like. Most of us invest so much effort into avoiding this common denominator, the one thing that connects us all. With time we will realize that our vulnerability is our power, for it is in the act of allowing our own vulnerability that we welcome other human beings to truly connect and engage with us throughout our lives. 

Nature as healer

Nature is a continuous expression of our inner resilience and beauty. Within her, and in her presence, we can resonate with aspects of ourselves that would otherwise remain invisible in our process of projecting mental images onto the world that we believe are real and singular. Nature awakens us to the subtle energetic part of ourselves, and especially its innate healing capacity when given half a chance. Without access to nature, we would need to rely heavily on our healing heart forces, which as a society we are not yet ready to do. 

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